Rates & Options & FAQ's

Rates and options will vary depending on the type of event or party, location, performing conditions, and are subject to change. Rates are not negotiable and I don't do discounts, I try to charge the same for everyone. Usually a non-refundable deposit is required to hold the date. I accept credit cards, cash and checks.


On weekends I generally don't travel more than 35 minutes outside West Chester (zip 19382). I'm not available in Philadelphia or New Jersey.


I have a minimum charge of $250 regardless of the choice of activities. Deposit usually required, though cancellations due to Corona are OK.

I can do any or all of these activities: 45 minute magic & puppet show customized for the age group, quick caricature drawings of all the kids or adults (more info here).

45 minute show - $250  (online Zoom shows also available, click here.)


Caricature Drawings of everyone - $35 per 15 minutes. Because every party is different, I charge for however long that part takes rather than setting a time limit in advance. I'm fast - I draw roughly 4-5 people per 15 minutes. Caricatures make a great permanent party gift and kids have fun watching while I draw. Don't worry, I'm used to kids not sitting still, and I can work from photos on a phone as needed. Caricatures can be done while the kids eat or do other activities. Compared to face painting, this is permanent, faster, more unique, and much more entertaining. MORE INFO AND SAMPLES, CLICK HERE.


I usually have a $250 minimum. Deposit usually required. I can mix and match activities or just do 1 thing, it's easy for me to switch around between activities as needed. What I get time for depends on how long you have me and how many people are there, every special occasion is different.

45 minute magic & puppet show - $300-$375, depending on performing conditions, etc. I can do shorter shows on request. The show is either geared to kids or the whole family.


Caricature Drawings - $130hr.  I draw roughly 15-20 people an hour in B&W on 11 by 14" paper. I can draw families, couples, or groups of any size all on 1 sheet. Compared to face painting, this is permanent, more unique, faster and more entertaining. (more info)

Strolling Close-Up Magic: $130hr. This is a lot of fun for the kids and adults. I walk around while doing quick fun interactive magic tricks for small groups at a time for 3-6 minutes per group. This is not a regular show, this is similar to what you would see a table hopping magician do at a restaurant. I use coins, cards, sponge balls, rope, etc. Another nice thing about it is that people don't wait in line.

Schools, Libraries, Preschools, Summer Camps:

45 minute Puppet & Magic show perfect for the age group $250. (more info) Bigger elementary schools shows are usually $300 - $350.


I arrive early enough before the scheduled time for parking and set-up. Children must be supervised at all times by you or another adult in the same room/area. I've done thousands of shows, so I know if conditions aren't right things won't go well. 

A non-refundable deposit is usually required to hold the day and time, though cancellations due to Corona are OK and in that case, deposits will be refunded. Payment of the balance is due at the event unless we make other arrangements in advance. I accept cash, check, and credit cards.


Magic & Puppet Shows: Set-up for a 45 minute show takes around 10 minutes for a birthday and 15-30 minutes for bigger shows. Please let me know the parking situation in advance - I bring 3 heavy boxes with me so parking nearby is very helpful. I can perform outdoors, but I need to be in FULL SHADE in a level area, and the entire audience should also be in full shade. If the performing conditions aren't suitable when I arrive, I reserve the right to cancel or switch to different activities. If the children aren't properly supervised by you or other adults, or if the children are misbehaving too much, I reserve the right to cancel the show or end it early or do other activities. If the performing conditions are not good, the show will not go well, trust me! I can't perform in noisy conditions (music, noisy moonbounces or generators, etc), high winds, weather below 60 or above 85 degrees. Moonbounces and other loud distracting things will need to be turned off. I'm not that fussy, I just want the show to go well. I need around an 8 feet wide by 3 feet deep area for my set-up, and the front row should be at least 3 feet away. Ideally, people, including adults, will not be seated behind me or to my sides. I won't need electricity or a microphone, I bring what I need, but for bigger shows if there is a suitable system, I may use it.

Caricatures: I'll need to be in full shade if outdoors. I'll need you to provide at least 3 chairs, 4 or 5 chairs is better if there are families and groups posing together. I won't need a table, but if you have one handy (any size), that is helpful.

Close-up magic: I won't need you to provide anything, but for close-up magic, please let me know if there will be loud music because I need to talk and interact with people without losing my voice! Thank you.

For questions please email danfreed@comcast.net or call Dan at 610-717-2986.

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