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Get THE Multi-Talented family entertainment expert The Amazing Spaghetti (Dan Freed) for your event:



Any Combination of:

Comedy Magic & Fun Shows with Ventriloquism/Puppets

Strolling Close-Up Magic for Kids

Quick Caricature Drawing


Game Leading

The Extra Funny Magician &

Multi-Talented Entertainer

for Your Special Event:













Contact The Amazing Spaghetti - Magician & Entertainer (magician Dan Freed) for availability & info

or email danfreed@comcast or call 610-717-2986


The Amazing Spaghetti (magician Dan Freed) has been bringing the laughter and fun to thousands of family oriented special events and occasions since 1994. The one thing kids, parents and clients say about him above all else is that he's really funny and the kids love him. 


Featuring any combination of: Comedy Magic & Puppet Shows for kids or the whole family, Close-up Strolling Magic, Silly Slapstick, Quick Caricature Drawings, & Game Leading. He is the only kids entertainment specialist in PA that can combine all those activities into one event - you don't need to get multiple entertainers to have a variety of entertainment. Of course, for many events he is asked to do only one kind of activity, such as only caricatures for a company picnic. It's up to you. He can easily and quickly switch from activity to activity as needed. He can entertain even small groups of kids for hours.


Thinking about getting a clown? Think about the clowns you have seen around town...were they actually funny? Sure, the clowns were nice, and did a few activities, but did they get the kids laughing throughout the whole event? How about the balloon people you've seen, were they funny, or did they just stand there and make balloons while the kids waited in line with a bored look on their face?  A good kids entertainer is supposed to be funny & entertaining, right?!

Magic & Puppet Shows for Kids & Families by The Amazing Spaghetti

"What a fantastic thing you do!!....He was just perfect and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone! "

-Denise L., Fall Creek Nursery


"You were a big hit with the kids"

-Sally D., Holt International


"The kids loved it all"

Mellisa B., U of O Law Dept.


"The Amazing Spaghetti is AMAZING!.......I would highly recommend The Amazing Spaghetti !! So much fun !!!"

-Tifany L, 2/26/14


You could get a magician, or you could get a balloon artist, or you could get a caricature artist or game leader.......or you can get The Amazing Spaghetti !

Yes, he does all that!



Company Picnics: What I'll do at your picnic just depends on what you would like, how many guests are there, and whether you have other entertainers or caricature artists there. For smaller picnics with about 20 kids, if you have me for 2 or 3 hours I might get time for 3 or 4 activities. For large events, I could just concentrate on 1 or 2 activities such as a magic show plus caricatures. Caricatures are great for adults as well as children and is a very popular idea. Please click here for more info on party caricatures. I often try to take about 10 minutes to do parachute games because it's such a great activity for picnics. I can easily and quickly move from activity to activity. I also do game leading.


Festivals: It just depends on what you think will work out best, but the most common thing I do is one or two 30-45 minute family oriented stage shows combined with strolling close-up magic or caricature drawing for a few hours. Please call or email, and we'll figure it out !


Theme Parties & Holiday Events: I can often find the right costume to fit your theme. I can often tailor my activities to fit the theme as well. 


Shows: For any event, I can do a really funny, high energy interactive magic & ventrioquism show for families and children of all ages. The show can be 15-45 minutes long. It's not just magic, I also do ventriloquism with cute animal puppets, gags, etc! I can perform in most spaces. I perform for audiences of any size. The show can be geared just for kids, or i can do a family show for all ages.



For event planning ideas, themes, tips and articles click here

Based in West Chester PA and available in Chester County PA and much of Montgomery County PA, Delaware County PA, Northern Wilmington Delaware, Brandywine Valley & Main Line areas.

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