The Extra-Funny Balloon Artist for your next party or event

The Extra-Funny Multi-Talented

Balloon Twister

You could get a regular balloon artist

for your party or event....OR

you can get The Amazing Spaghetti !


Professional balloon sculptor & multi-talented entertainer for kids The Amazing Spaghetti - Magician & Entertainer (Dan Freed) will make sure the kids laugh and have a blast. When choosing a balloon maker for your party or event, do you want someone that will stand there and crank out balloons, or do you want a real entertainer that will actually get the kids laughing and smiling and having lots of fun? FEE: 130hr.


Most balloon people that you have seen, including most clowns, just stand there like a robot, ask the child what he/she wants, makes the balloon and moves on. Is that what you have seen? Is that what you want? Or do you want a high energy balloon guy/entertainer that combines balloon animals with slapstick comedy, gags, jokes & some quick magic tricks to make sure the children of all ages have a great experience?


Rather than spend 10 minutes making a really fancy balloon (that may pop 5 minutes later), The Amazing Spaghetti mostly does balloons that take 1-4 minutes to make. Why? Well, he appreciates the really fancy balloons that some balloon people make, but he can entertain more kids per hour by keeping the balloons fun but less fancy. Plus, the kids can get bored and impatient while waiting too long. And, lets face it, balloons often pop, especially at outdoor events and on really hot days, so why spend that long on one balloon design? Better to focus on being really funny and entertaining, right? Having said that, he does do some really cool & interesting balloon designs. 


He will often combine balloon twisting with quick magic tricks to entertain the whole group so they are entertained while waiting. On the other hand, magic and gags, when done for a long line of kids, can slow the line down, so he finds a good balance. He can easily stroll around your event while doing balloon sculptures, he does not need to be set up in one spot. If you have The Amazing Spaghetti (the extra-funny balloon man) combine balloons with other entertainment, he can easily switch back and forth between activities as appropriate. 


What about face painting? Well, balloon twisting, when done in an entertaining way, is much more fun than face painting. Kids do like face painting, but it is a low key activity, takes longer per child than balloon animals, makes a mess for parents to clean up, and doesn't get the kids laughing and smiling the way The Amazing Spaghetti can while doing balloon art. Clowns can be a good choice, but sometimes they frighten kids, and they can't do as many different activities as The Amazing Spaghetti.


You can have The Amazing Spaghetti - Magician & Entertainer (Dan Freed) just do balloon twisting for your event, or he can combine it with other entertainment such as a 45 minute magic and/or puppet show (see demo videos - click here), strolling close-up magic, quick caricature drawings (he draws 15-20 per hour - click here for more info), & game leading. No other entertainer in Pennsylvania can combine such a wide variety of entertainment into one party or event. What he gets time for depends on how many kids are there and how long you have him for. For balloon twisting, caricatures, & strolling close-up magic he charges an hourly rate - usually 130hr.  If he is not also doing the 45 minute show, usually he has a 2 hour minimum for on weekends. To check availability and discuss your party or event, call Dan at 610-717-2986, email or fill out the contact form. 


For party planning tips and articles click here.  For more info about The Amazing Spaghetti - Magician & Entertainer (magician Dan Freed) click here


Extra-Funny Balloon Twisting by The Amazing Spaghetti is available for:

  • Festivals

  • Corporate Parties

  • Holiday Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Company Picnics

  • Grand Openings

  • Preschools 

  • Elementary Schools

  • Libraries

  • Fundraisers

  • Open Houses

  • Any Special Occasion


Balloon twisters can be really entertaining when done by West Chester PA based kids entertainer The Amazing Spaghetti
Professional Balloon Twister & Magician The Amazing Spaghetti gets all the kids laughing and having fun.
Entertaining kids of all ages with balloon sculptures and funny antics.
Extra silly balloon artist & entertainer for kids. Making sure everyone has fun!
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